Pumpkin Spice Foods, Day 6: Pumpkin Spice Peeps

Pumpkin Spice Peeps.  I tried these little guys and well, they were not what I was expecting.  I didn’t read the fine print at the bottom that says “Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in White Fudge.”  Do they do this with regular peeps that arrive around Easter time?  After I took a look at the Peeps website, I discovered that some Peeps are, indeed, dipped although I don’t think I’ve ever had a Peep dipped in anything.  Also, special Peeps are released for several different holidays.

It wasn’t what I expected, but, I liked them.  I thought they tasted a lot like one would imagine pumpkin spice to taste.  My husband thought they tasted more like a chai sort of treat.  Either way, they were good and the white fudge was a nice touch.  Three of my friends sent info about these over to me starting in mid-August (Thank you Tamara, TR and Heather!) and I have been curious about them.  They were released August 31 exclusively at Target and sold in packs of three, as shown.  I’m not sure how I feel about Easter candy in the fall, but, bottom line, Pumpkin Spice Peeps are sweet, sugary and delicious.

Day 6 Peeps
Pumpkin Spice Peeps
Pumpkin Spice Peeps
Unwrapped Pumpkin Spice Peeps
Day 6 Peeps 4
Here is a closer look at the white fudge.

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